Channel One Magazine: Issue #1

Channel One Magazine came from the age of toner, sharpies and white out.

In 1997, I worked at a local copy center and I had recently finished with graphic design school. My head was full of a collage of subjects I aspired to use for creative expression: creative writing, illustration, photography, and desktop publishing. I was really into fringe culture and the arts community of Winston-Salem, specifically people who frequented the original Morning Dew Coffee Shop on Burke Street, run by Steve and Ginny. It was a small community of the downtown area’s creative people and a place where I found myself spending a lot of time as I traded one past life for a newer one. I wanted to be a part of that community and help promote it. All of this translated into starting a zine; a cultural phenomenon that for the most part, has been replaced by the modern day blog.

I’ve scanned the original folded, pasted, and taped-together master copy pages I used to make the first issue. I appreciate the contributions of all who were involved in making it happen and I hope it will be well-received by them as the time capsule it is.

Triad Horticulture Club Signage

I had the pleasure of making this rustic signage for my friends at Triad Horticulture Club in early 2015. The client and I both liked the idea of using materials from the surrounding area, so the sign was made mostly with pallet wood collected from the grounds around the business. I built the main frame for the sign out of purchased, pressure-treated wood for factor-of-safety and wind shear concerns. The face of the sign was made with pallet wood, which is expected to weather and fade over time for added effect. I managed to document the project from concept artwork to finished sign.


Ceiling Sky Murals at Mary’s Gourmet Diner

I was honored to paint sky murals on the ceilings at Mary’s Gourmet Diner on Trade Street, in Winston-Salem, NC. Appropriate, since I usually have my head in the clouds or I’m spaced out. Here are some photos I took before, during, and after painting. Mary is celebrating her 15 Year Anniversary this month, so this post is to commemorate the event and celebrate her continued contribution to our thriving downtown arts community.

Ceiling Sky Murals at Mary’s Gourmet Diner

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