Starfall_600h“Starfall” is a surreal landscape depicting a moonlit waterfall made of stars. As a river of stars fall into the depths, they all combine into a glowing blue mist, illuminating tiny floating islands inhabited by naturally occurring bonsai trees. Approximately 12″w x 25″h Acrylic on Panel.

Triad Horticulture Club Signage

I had the pleasure of making this rustic signage for my friends at Triad Horticulture Club in early 2015. The client and I both liked the idea of using materials from the surrounding area, so the sign was made mostly with pallet wood collected from the grounds around the business. I built the main frame for the sign out of purchased, pressure-treated wood for factor-of-safety and wind shear concerns. The face of the sign was made with pallet wood, which is expected to weather and fade over time for added effect. I managed to document the project from concept artwork to finished sign.



Four Seasons Poplar Tree Dining Room Table

This was a fun commissioned painting I worked on in 2011. It was a dining room table that initially seemed a little plain for the artistic atmosphere of the rest of the house, so the client asked me to illustrate poplar branches and leaves as they change through the course of the four seasons. We decided to put fall on one end and summer on the other end. After some initial research on the leaves and changes over the seasons, I drew a basic plan and painted it with watercolors to show the proposed colors. After a few measurements, I made an actual-size transfer at home so the family could continue using their dining room table during most of the process. This step turned out to save a lot of time and made it easier for our mutually busy schedules to mesh better. This project took about 10 hours over the course of about two weeks, a couple hours per evening.

Ceiling Sky Murals at Mary’s Gourmet Diner

I was honored to paint sky murals on the ceilings at Mary’s Gourmet Diner on Trade Street, in Winston-Salem, NC. Appropriate, since I usually have my head in the clouds or I’m spaced out. Here are some photos I took before, during, and after painting. Mary is celebrating her 15 Year Anniversary this month, so this post is to commemorate the event and celebrate her continued contribution to our thriving downtown arts community.

Ceiling Sky Murals at Mary’s Gourmet Diner

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Misty Forest Treehouse (Commissioned Work)


Misty Forest Treehouse Dimensions 17″ x 25″. Painted by Dan VonSeggen.

Description: A cozy treehouse dwells between moss-covered trees in this misty forest landscape. Stone steps ascend toward the entrance as if levitated by a strange spell. A waterwheel spins by way a of a small stream in the mid-ground. Windmills glide in the distance, suggesting other similar domiciles in the area, connected by a network of rope-bridge walkways.

Back Story: This painting was one of the first ones I started working on with the intention of not rushing for an art show deadline, but adding intricate detail over many sittings, reaching a point where I felt like it was finished before stopping work on it. In the end, I still see details that I’d like to add to it, so the experiment was a wash… but I did find that I enjoy working on paintings only one or two at a time. An anonymous collector enjoyed the initial drawings and the underpainting for this one so much during a studio visit, they asked me to consider it bought while I was still working on it.

I’m glad to work on paintings on a commission basis. If you’re interested in a commissioned work for your home, business, or as a gift, let me know. My contact info is at the top right of the page.