Misty Forest Treehouse (Commissioned Work)


Misty Forest Treehouse Dimensions 17″ x 25″. Painted by Dan VonSeggen.

Description: A cozy treehouse dwells between moss-covered trees in this misty forest landscape. Stone steps ascend toward the entrance as if levitated by a strange spell. A waterwheel spins by way a of a small stream in the mid-ground. Windmills glide in the distance, suggesting other similar domiciles in the area, connected by a network of rope-bridge walkways.

Back Story: This painting was one of the first ones I started working on with the intention of not rushing for an art show deadline, but adding intricate detail over many sittings, reaching a point where I felt like it was finished before stopping work on it. In the end, I still see details that I’d like to add to it, so the experiment was a wash… but I did find that I enjoy working on paintings only one or two at a time. An anonymous collector enjoyed the initial drawings and the underpainting for this one so much during a studio visit, they asked me to consider it bought while I was still working on it.

I’m glad to work on paintings on a commission basis. If you’re interested in a commissioned work for your home, business, or as a gift, let me know. My contact info is at the top right of the page.

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