StingraysI just recently unearthed this photo of one of my all-time favorites of my own paintings, “Stingrays.” It’s roughly 2’x3′ and loaded with surreal features like crop circles, a shipwreck, cave paintings, and aquatic wildlife flying through the sky. I rarely frame paintings, but I made this bulky, textured red and black frame to contrast with the pastel, dreamy feel of the overall painting.



Prismatic Sky Burial

Prismatic Sky Burial is a painting depicting the odd beauty of a vulture; nature’s cleanup crew. The prismatic glistening of black feathers is caused by micro structural features as they interact with sunlight.  The term “sky burial” comes from the Tibetan buddhist practice of allowing vultures to feed on the dead, returning physical matter to the great cyclical oneness of nature.

Textured and metallic acrylic on 12 x 24″ wood panel. $300.00 USD