Slurpee Crusader

Slurpee 96dpi

I recently unearthed this pencil sketch I did for my first mural that I painted with my friend, Matthew Beasley. The mural was at Pablo’s, a music venue on Trade Street in Winston-Salem, NC. Sadly, it’s been lost to the ages… painted over before I got a good photo of it. This Slurpee™ drinking, levitating, four-necked sitar playing guru floated above a mountaintop covered in tree roots with a multi-sunned sunset/sunrise sky in the background. Good times!


Channel One Magazine: Issue #1

Channel One Magazine came from the age of toner, sharpies and white out.

In 1997, I worked at a local copy center and I had recently finished with graphic design school. My head was full of a collage of subjects I aspired to use for creative expression: creative writing, illustration, photography, and desktop publishing. I was really into fringe culture and the arts community of Winston-Salem, specifically people who frequented the original Morning Dew Coffee Shop on Burke Street, run by Steve and Ginny. It was a small community of the downtown area’s creative people and a place where I found myself spending a lot of time as I traded one past life for a newer one. I wanted to be a part of that community and help promote it. All of this translated into starting a zine; a cultural phenomenon that for the most part, has been replaced by the modern day blog.

I’ve scanned the original folded, pasted, and taped-together master copy pages I used to make the first issue. I appreciate the contributions of all who were involved in making it happen and I hope it will be well-received by them as the time capsule it is.


Scientific Pomeranian Gear at the Parallax Arts Gift Shop

Now available in the Parallax Arts Gift Shop! T-shirts, mugs, pint glasses, stickers, and tote bags sporting the Scientific Pomeranian! It’s a doggie headset connected to a body mounted speaker for bigger barks …the perfect combination of lovable fluffiness and high technology.