Wood Block Sculptures

Raw Blocks

Raw Materials: Pallet wood.

“A closed mind is like a closed book; just a block of wood.” -Ancient Chinese Proverb

I made this ongoing series of wood block scultpures in light of this proverb and also (no pun intended, really) to get through a creative block. I designed these wood block sculptures with respect to the negative space between the blocks and really enjoyed the process of sanding individual pieces and shaping the overall finished work into something I was excited to paint and finish. I experimented with a lot of different ways of painting the pieces and finishing them. Some have paintings on the inside of them and some have hidden, unexpected details.

They were intended to mimic stained glass; the way the leading and glass interplay with each other as foreground and background, I set the glued-on wood blocks to interplay with the space around and between each other. I also enjoy the metaphorical idea that individual pieces make up the whole.

In doing these painted sculptures, I was searching for a new method of self-expression/information sharing. The prospect of fitting more surface area into a painting could mean more information shared. There is a large amount of personal memories encased in these pieces. I remember some of the songs or podcast I was listening to at the moment I was sanding a certain part, or a life event that was going on when I was layering washes of paint to achieve a certain look. All of this is very cerebral and only relevant to me. The majority of these pieces were made as a means of meditation.

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