0 thoughts on “Painting

  1. Blue plate special anyone ? I am sitting here looking at a mermaid on a plate on a red and white tablecloth…received a few years ago through Tim from upstairs……is it on your website ? ..my daughter and I were talking about it yesterday….we both like had wanted to let you know…Her name is Serena by the way…the mermaid that is.. goodvdeal, keep it up

    Joe P

  2. Hey Joe! Thanks for getting in touch. I love that the mermaid’s name is Serena! I found a photo of that painting in my files and added it as a blog post here. I’m really glad you and your daughter got some enjoyment out of it… it was a lot fun to paint!

    Thanks again, DV

  3. Love them both! Lots of symbolism and interpretation for the viewer. But my favorite is the diving octopus…speaks to me about the damage man has done to the ocean and for those living there are having to “adapt” to survive. What goes around comes around. Keep up the great work!